Business Opportunity

1. Virtual Office

We can serve as a virtual office in India and in the U.S. This is the beginning of your market entry, but would like to watch for some time and prepare for successful launch of your operation later. This would be on annual contract basis based on mutually agreed cost.

2. World trade center (WTC)/Trade Association (TA) Program assistance:

We can extend assistance to WTC and TA or State governments of a foreign country in their quest to establish business relations with India. We can discuss with you on the stated objectives and could be based on annual contract with costs mutually agreed on.

3. Commercial Library program:

Given the growth and expanding economic activity, access to information on foreign companies wishing to do business with Indian business is becoming crucial. We would like to bridge this gap through our innovative program. World Trade Associations, Trade Associations, Embassies, and state governments of a foreign country would greatly benefit out of this program. Please contact us for information.

4. Sourcing and supplier Liaison

We can help companies locate right suppliers of products, equipment and components in India and in the U.S. We can also coordinate with suppliers on follow up actions and for the on-time delivery.