Economic Community Development

India today has one of the world's largest and most successful "Diasporas", with approximately over 30 million Indians and people of Indian origin living across the world, enriching the countries they live in. Over the past two decades, young generation of Indian origin have come to represent a highly-skilled group of doctors, scientists, engineers, finance professionals, entrepreneurs and technologists and they have made India proud in as many fields as they represent.

BraHman International has a greater commitment to advance Partnership, Progress, and Prosperity world over, cutting across boundaries. We would like to leverage the knowledge and skills of these younger generation to advance Partnership, Progress and Prosperity across the world.

While, we can help assist you on individual basis with your professional and business specific request, we would greatly appreciate to hear from you, on new program ideas or initiatives that would facilitate greater cooperation between India and the countries you live in. The program ideas and initiatives could be related to advancing education, entertainment, art/culture etc., and cooperation between chambers of commerce, political and democratic institutions.

Having spent over 25 years in developing international initiatives, I have come to believe that people-to-people and organizations' contacts working together, will help current as well as the future generation and assist the government of India to take a fresh look at their foreign policy direction towards the countries which have functional working relationships. So, please send us your ideas to

Let us work together and make India and the countries you live in, proud and make people world over live in peace with prosperity.